Glass Bending Machine

Introduction of Product

As the agent of G.P.TECNO Co., Ltd., our core products are glass hot bending processing equipment’s.
G.P.TECNO Co., Ltd., a professional glass processing equipment manufacturer was established in 1973. Based on 50 years of experience and technology, we continue to improve hot bending, strengthening processing technologies of high-precision glass, with business cooperation with manufacturers all over the world.
In recent years, the application of on-board instrument panel and Head-Up Display (HUD) became the latest trend in the automotive field. With our years of relevant experience, we can provide you with professional technical support.

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  • Multi furnace process & hot bending with mold to meet the requirements of various shapes.  
  • Customized design from small-scale experimental furnace to large-scale mass production furnace.  
  • Not only glass hot bending processing equipment, but also other supporting equipment can be provided according to customer needs.  


  • Cover Glass for Instrument Panel
  • Car Side Mirror
  • Cover Glass for Smart Phone
  • Curved Mirror
  • Glass for Building

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Specification example

  • Maximum glass size 1100mm×400mm
  • Thickness range 0.7mm~2.5mm
  • Max bending depth 120mm

Other equipment

■Chemical strengthening machine

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  • Chemical tempering equipment replaces ions on the glass surface and strengthens the glass.
  • Compare with Air-cooled glass, thin, small and complicated shape of glass can be strengthened by Chemically, and no distortion or warp.

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